Underdark catena fortunae

catena fortunae

the story so far … Our adventures have been asked by the head of a local wizard school to find the location of a former student, Fineous Darkfire. After asking around town they come across a dwarf scavenger, ironbrew, who reveals he has been responsible for the recent corpse snatching. He informs the party that he is to meet his contact that night for his first payment.

That night the players lay in wait at the meeting place. They ambush a dwarf after crunchy black falls out of a tree on top of him. The party beat this dwarf savagely, found out what he knew, and forced him to take them to his dark guild.

As soon as the dwarf entered the secret guild, he cried for help from his comrades; the Rogue Kymchi immediately dispatched him. The room of necromancers rose up from their studies immediately and prepared to face the intruders when the party threatened them with death. The necromancers, recognizing that among them was a crazy drow who was speaking with a toad, felt it was best to run away.

In the lower levels the party found Fineous Darkfire who they quickly dispatched. Upon returning to town and traveling to the wizard’s guild, they recieved their payment.



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